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Real Estate Development

It is the first, basic and most important part in the real estate field in general. As it is the main locomotive for all areas of investment and real estate marketing. We have gained a lot of experience in this field over 15 years in many cities in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

General Contracting

With the rapid development of various fields of contracting in the Arab Republic of Egypt in recent years, it was necessary to keep pace with this development by using the latest mechanisms and methods of implementing all contracting clauses, in addition to equipping engineering and labor cadres, in line with the requirements of the labor market.

Real Estate Investment

It is a large field that accommodates many, many skills and huge financial capabilities, which every real estate investor needs in order to be able to engage in real estate investment. Given the availability of many experiences in that field, the company's management has taken many steps to provide logistical and technical support to every investor in this field.

Real Estate Marketing

It is identifying and satisfying customers' needs and wants. This is done through the development of real estate products and effective communication with clients. Real estate marketing also includes the presence of the company in the place and time that suits the customers, the availability of prices that correspond to their purchasing capabilities, as well as the availability of appropriate channels of communication. Real estate marketing and real estate sale cannot be the same thing, because real estate marketing begins long before the company has real estate products.